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SmellMix™ Diffuser

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Does your partner say your room stinks?

The SmellMix™ is an easy way to stop your room from smelling, creating the perfect smelling space for any occasion. The SmellMix™ is perfect for any office, bedroom or even your car. 

Available in 3 different colours: white, black, and pink, to fit in with any environment. Plus all come with one cotton filter to get you started.

Make your room smell awesome: If people say your room stinks or you're starting to get sick of the smell, the SmellMix™ is the perfect addition to your room.

Make your space less stressful: Using the SmellMix™ to emit soothing mist which also happens to cover any odour, is one surefire way to make your environment stress and anxiety-free.

Helps improve your sleep: Diffusing a calming scent is proven to help your brain fall asleep faster and cause you to sleep better.

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